Ambassadors Ambassadors embody the best and brightest in the fitness industry. They are dedicated to training, nutrition and expert supplementation that keep them at the top of their games. They push the limits of human potential with their physiques, their sports and their lives.

Do you have what it takes to be a Ambassador?

Are you a certified personal trainer? Do you own a fitness gym or supplement store? Are you currently traveling the world to compete in Bodybuilding and Fitness Expos? Do you have 5+ years experience in the fitness industry and want to join the team of Ambassadors and fitness professionals? If the answer is “Yes”, click here to submit your Ambassador application. would love to hear how you maintain a fitness lifestyle and benefit from sports nutrition supplements.

Note: All Ambassadors are also eligible to be selected as a Sponsored Athlete each year. For more information about Ambassadors benefits and opportunities, please send an email to